When cleaning the keys, use a damp cloth on the tops of the keys. If they are hard to clean, you can use a mild soap solution. It is important to make sure no water spills down the sides of the keys and that they are all dried thoroughly.

“I don’t get scared,” says Van Horn, who just happens to drive a rig called Grave Digger. “But sometimes when I’m trying to get big air, some 25 feet off the ground, that’s when I might get a little worried.” As for us, we aren’t a bit concerned, knowing that the autoparts Monster Jam will deliver a weekend’s worth of huge jumps, crushed opponents, and cheering crowds: In other words, everything we’ve been missing from the Cavs! You can catch Grave Digger, along with Captain’s Curse, Stone Crusher, and all the other monster trucks today at 2 and 7:30 p.m.; a third show is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Sunday.

The truck bed mat includes dimples on the bottom which if nothing else make perfect drain channels for water. Then the upper surface has raised panels as well as ridges around the outside edges.

When changing the oil, you will need to go to your local auto parts near me and pick up enough oil for the job. Now not only will you need this, but you will also need to purchase a new filter.

Established in 1925 they are one of the oldest in the aftermarket parts business. With around 6000 stores and with 80% of those being locally owned rather than company owned, NAPA has the most stores covering most of the United States. . One of their specialties is catering to local repair shops as well as retail parts sales.

Slide back under the car and find the oil pan. This will be directly under the engine and you will see the head of the oil plug on the oil pan. Determine what size the oil plug head is and get that appropriate wrench. Loosen the oil plug with the wrench (counter clock-wise) until it is loose enough to spin off with your fingers. Spin it off the rest of the way with your fingers and be sure to have your catch pan ready, as the oil will come out free flowing once the plug is removed. Let the old oil drain out and when it is done, use the same trick I showed you with the threads of the oil filter and lube up the threads of the oil plug. Return the oil plug and tighten with a wrench to make sure it is good and tight. Now the messy part is done.

car parts near me First, read the instructions that came with your new Dutch Oven. Some Dutch Ovens come pre-seasoned and don’t need you to do it. If your new oven is like this, follow the instructions that came with it to prepare it for use.

Next, you will need motor oil, 5-6 quarts. Check your owners manual or online reference sources for the correct viscosity, those are the codes like 10W-40 that indicate the correct thickness or weight of the oil for your vehicle. Always use the recommended grade and note there are sometimes differences based on using the vehicle in a very cold or very warm climate, also for normal or heavy driving. We recommend using a full synthetic oil, the technology is vastly superior to standard oil and protects your vehicle a lot better and for a lot longer. We also recommend using a major brand such as Mobil 1, not unknown or store brands. Check your owners manual or online reference materials to confirm the correct specs.